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101. What’s New in Pearls
Luxurious jewelry from traditional to contemporary
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102. Where Great Design is Hiding in Germany
So, what’s the connection between the cultural heritage organization UNESCO and a sprawling complex that’s a defunct coalmine called Zollverein in Essen, Germany? Plenty, as we came to discover on a day-long exploration of 65 different buildings pertaining to Germany’s capital of steel and coal mining. Located in the area called the Ruhr, the city of Essen had been for more than 100 years the world’s center for producing materials used in heavy industry: steel and coal.
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103. While These Sweet Necklaces Are Utterly Charming on the Outside, the Surprise Inside Is up to You
Beautifully charming necklaces are lockets to hold.
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104. Yves Piaget's Rose Gets a Namesake Day at the Peggy Rockefeller's Rose Garden Today
The rain didn’t affect the profusion of the vibrantly colored roses during Piaget's planting of a special rose bush in the famous Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden.
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