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41. Valentine's Day Jewelry in Shades of Pink
Pastels carry over from Valentine’s Day to the Spring Runway! These happy hues offer a range of looks from sporty to powerhouse. Go pale or bright to match your mood. Add a statement necklace of butterscotch amber with pink coral cabochons or simply wear a pink sapphire ring to signal spring’s arrival.
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42. Holiday Dazzle
Treat yourself this holiday to exquisite statement pieces bright enough for every occasion.
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43. Spectacular Jewels By Joel A. Rosenthal
When Money Has No Limits and Jewelry Has No Price Tag, JAR Is the Jeweler to Call
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44. Seeing Red
Celebrate the colors of fall with gorgeous gold and red toned jewelry.
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45. Fall Gitter
Add some sparkle to the season with gorgeous pieces that seduce and shimmer.
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46. An Editor Jets to Nantucket
To say the first week of August is busy on the otherwise halcyon island of Nantucket, off the coast of Cape Cod, is an understatement.
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47. Splash of Color
Luscious precious gems in shades of green and blue slip so easily onto your fingers.
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48. All Abuzz
Get back to nature with these dazzling earthy delights. Add a delicate touch with butterfly earrings by Gem Trends or a bit of glitz to your outfit with a vintage bee brooch doused in gold, rubies, sapphires, and pearls.
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49. Give it a swirl!
Loosen up and get ready to party with these fun and vibrant summertime pieces.
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50. Yves Piaget's Rose Gets a Namesake Day at the Peggy Rockefeller's Rose Garden Today
The rain didn’t affect the profusion of the vibrantly colored roses during Piaget's planting of a special rose bush in the famous Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden.
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51. Measured Elegance
Update a classic look with one-of-a-kind handsome timepieces by Ralph Lauren to Cartie rand more.
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52. Some Timely Notions for Dad's Big Day
These handsome timepieces will make big time statements. From Ebel's funky 100 with green alligator strap to the classic Ole Mathiesen stainless steel and blue dial watch with black leather strap, both are sure to fit the many wrists of the men in your life.
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53. A Sunday Stroll at the Spring Antiques Show at The Park Avenue Armory
Blue skies, sunshine and tulips blossomed along Park Avenue in Manhattan this past weekend while the third edition of the Art and Antique Dealers League of America spring show took place at the venerable and historic Armory.
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54. Soft and seductive jewels that make a statement
Just in time for spring, these muted pastels in blue and green and purple and pink are dazzling and demure.
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55. Dangle these lucky little charms from your wrist or neck for a memorable look
Perfect for Mother's Day, these pretties deliver feel-good moments to last a lifetime. Sweeten up with a pink ice-cream cone interchangeable charm from Tiffany & Co. or make a bold statement with Turner & Tatler Victorian rose gold Lucky Charms cuff by Cindy Chaplin.
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56. French Flair in Design and Food Gives Martinique Its Edge
If you're a Francophile looking for beaches and vistas, upscale boutique hotels and Michelin-trained chefs, then let Martinique beguile all your senses.
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57. My "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with film director Baz Luhrmann and costume designer Catherine Martin
As the story goes, Audrey Hepburn's portrayal of Holly Golightly in the iconic 1961 American romantic comedy movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" stands in front of the Fifth Avenue flagship store while eating a croissant and ogling the magnificent jewelry in the early morning hours.
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58. Indulge in these timeless timepieces
These luxurious watches are functional time tellers and fabulous arm candy that will complete your look and keep you timely.
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59. Berlin's Appeal Lies in a Successful Blend of Past, Present and Future
Once a fiercely divided city, Berlin has emerged as an energetic metropolis that blends art, music, fashion, design and history into one seamless experience. Berlin's cityscape retains its graceful, elegant past amid new architecture and city planning that add vitality and interest.
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60. Fabergé Isn't the Only Crown Jeweler in Jewels from Imperial St. Petersburg
Fabergé. Only one name it seems is synonymous with Russia's royal jewelry, but in fact, there is a fascinating range of jewelers and craftsmen of objets d'art whose techniques and handiwork shaped ornamental design during the golden age of Russia's Imperial court.
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