Meet Furniture Designer Timothy Oulton

Tim Oulton interviewGrowing up in Manchester, England encompassed by the country’s heritage and working at his father’s antique shop, Timothy Oulton was constantly surrounded by treasures and beautiful designs. Tim noted, "Being surrounded by great handcrafted products most of my life has definitely impacted how I design and produce my furniture."

With a focus on handcraftsmanship, hand carving, and traditional joinery, to name a few techniques, Timothy is renowned for his modern aesthetic, which utilizes inspiring materials such as selenite crystals, printed velvets, sheepskin, hand finished leather and reclaimed Edwardian parquetry. Read on to learn more about Timothy and his inspiring brand, Timothy Oulton below:

What would you say your brand motto is?

I would say I get my inspiration from Paul Smith (British fashion designer). His motto was, “you can find inspiration in every day and if you can’t, look again.” He isn’t wrong. I attached this motto to my team knowledge.

How did you integrate your antique background into your work today?

For example, look at the saddle chair, I change what is old so it becomes a creative process more than just antique. It creates a far more interesting piece. One needs to change pieces in order to feel fulfilled. When it comes to using old pieces, they need to be revamped. If not, you are not creating anything.

You are not influencing the outcome. Vintage materials are the heart of what we do. Time wanting techniques, hand tools; taking epic materials like marble, glass, crystal, leather, like old wood rather than new wood; the process is incredible laborious, but if it's hard, we like it. It feels to us because otherwise anyone could do it.

Are there any new big projects you and your team are working on?

We just were working on 1880, a member’s club in Singapore. We did the whole concept, design, and installation. Everything. We think our aesthetic plays towards a communal space, as strong as it does domestically and in some ways, stronger because our design is sometimes loud. Some things you may not want to look at everyday but might be more acceptable in a hotel or club space.

How would you describe your brand?

Visual overloud. Epic. That is a filter for us. I like scale, I like big things. I would describe the brand as daring. We want to be on the edge of not only the taste but the vibrancy of a piece. I like things that come out and smack you right in the face because otherwise you look like every other furniture store in the world.

What is your latest work?

Our newest collection we have just come out with is Noble Souls. For this collection, we are using 100% vegetable dye for our material. We are the only people in the world doing this. So, no chemicals. I prefer this product. When you see a piece of fabric that has been vegetable dyed it looks much nicer than a piece of material that has been chemically dyed.

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