Michele Dopp of Fabric & Steel Launches New Online Shop

Michele Dopp Launches Online Store Fabric and Steel

We are always on the hunt for accent pieces that can help bring a room together, seamlessly and with style. One such place to discover special pieces for your home is on Fabric & Steel via their newly launched online shop. Created by designer Michele Dopp, the website features a curated collection of items (organized as custom and collected) where you'll find 40x40 oversized floor pillows wool and linen pillows, ceramics from Michael Dopp and prints from Vladislav Borimsky.

Influenced by modern and industrial architecture and its relationship to the urban environment, Michele felt that showcasing these items through an online platform was the best option for these pieces. She noted, "This is a fantastic start to a conversation about living with my fabrics - even if you are not reupholstering a sofa or having draperies made for your living room. I really wanted to share pieces that inspire me and are well curated with the F&S collection." Read on to learn about this new online shop and fun contemporary collection:

Interview with Michele Dopp of Fabric & Steel on the Launch of her Online Shop

Michele Dopp Launches New Online Shop

Why did you decide F&S needed an online shopping counterpart?

I became interested in creating objects (floor pillows, linen blankets, tote bags) out of my fabric instead of selling it just by the yard - and I think that the best place to showcase these new items is through an online platform. This is a fantastic start to a conversation about living with my fabrics - even if you are not reupholstering a sofa or having draperies made for your space.

Can you talk about the range of products - why you balanced it out with "custom" F&S pieces and a "collection" of other items?

For the custom products, I am offering oversized floor pillows (40” x 40”) as well as several styles that will roll out later of tote bags and one-of-a-kind linen blankets. I thought that these items would work well with a variety of art pieces and objects - different aspects of the home and curation.

Michele Dopp of Fabric and Steel

Who are the artisans you're currently featuring?

Vladislav Borimsky, who is a Brooklyn-based photographer and a good friend who shoots everything for the F&S lines. He does some amazing black and whites that we thought would fit in perfectly. And, Michael Dopp who is my brother, as well as an American artist living and working in LA. He works in a variety of media, including painting and ceramics and is also a co-founder of the artist run gallery/art project, Arturo Bandini and art fair, ARTBandini. We have a few of his stoneware pieces on the site.

What words would you use to describe your current offerings - the feel of the shop?

The pieces still have that urban feel, while balancing feminine/masculine, organic/structural. They complement each other and work well with the existing F&S collection.

Since you'll be adding to the shop, can you touch on what pieces you look forward to adding, how the shop will grow over time?

We will grow online as we add F&S custom pieces as well as travel finds (when I visit Morocco and Spain later this year) and flea market/vintage items as I go through life. I love sharing what inspires me and this shop is a lovely way to do it.

Why did you decide to introduce floor pillows?

I love lounging on the floor - actually prefer it to conventional furniture. I designed these oversized floor pillows for my own home and after many happy, comfortable evenings and weekends, I thought these would be something that others would enjoy living with, too.

Are they meant to be functional as well as decorative - what is their best use, in your opinion?

They are amazing as a bed! I just place them side-by-side and there it is, an incredibly comfortable bed. They are also perfect as seating options during the day (I like to sit on one while working on my laptop). As for decoration, I think they add interesting texture and elevation to any room.

Why did you choose this fabric in particular for the collection?

The Wool & Linen fabric has an incredibly soft, cozy feeling to it. Also, it is extremely durable and can really take a beating! The heavier weight is perfect for sitting on and sleeping on.

How are they made/manufactured and where?

Each floor pillow is handmade in Brooklyn. The fabric is stonewashed for an extra soft finish and has been tested for strength and durability - made of Belgian linen and wool.

Since they're custom, can customers order your other fabrics in the pillows?

At the moment, the floor pillows are only available in the Wool & Linen. Eventually we will add more fabric options - stay tuned!

The line will continue to expand as she incorporates finds from Brooklyn Flea and travel trinkets from Morocco/Spain.

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