Brighten Up Your Home with Pillows from See Color

See Color NYCHow did the idea for See Color come about? Tell us more about the pillows.

My interest in color and design began with my infatuation with SWATCH Watches. After high school I spent a summer in Switzerland and found a shop in Gstaad that sold all vintage Swatches. I brought home five and have always regretted not bringing home more. I started college with one intention and it wasn’t till my sophomore year that i realized art school was my calling. San Francisco, home of the most colorful psychedelic art and design would be my home and inspiration.

I graduated and moved to NYC. I worked at Town & Country Magazine art directing and designing fashion, beauty and home section of magazine. My design aesthetic became much more tailored, clean, sophisticated. Since leaving corporate and freelancing on independent projects, most of my design has been more structured.

See Color was my “revival” to design that I find fulfilling. It began as simple motion stop instagram videos- combining my love for type,color and products. I started sewing one day and reconstructing the simple structure of the pillow. I took the simple form and combined it with my love for color and See Color Pillows was started! I started visiting fabric stores in the Garment District of NYC.

I met and collaborated with talented seamstresses looking for freelance projects in Brooklyn/NYC. I want See Color to grow and expand into more products. The line will always have the simple structure with the pop of excitement. Just like the SWATCH watch, basic form with an added dimension of design.

See Color NYCHow would you describe the style of See Color?

In line with my sources of inspiration-simple, graphic, bold.

Why was merging graphic design with a product important to you? 

As a trained artist in graphic design, color and design is important to me. Color evokes feelings. I did not reinvent the pillow. There are millions of pillows out there. But I can make sure that my contribution to pillows look aesthetically beautiful and help transform a room with the power of color.

What colors are you drawn to in your designs? 

There is truly no color that I don’t like. However, designing pillows I have to think about colors that would work well in a living space. I like using navy as a neutral. I’ve always loved purple. When playing around with my swatches, I’m always amazed at how many combinations can be made with lavender. Lavender/ red, lavender/marigold, lavender/deep burgundy. It has the power to range from being happy and cheerful to powerful and seductive.

Anything else to add?

I have spent the last year refining my product. It may be a simple design but because of the simplicity, any imperfections stand out. At this time I am ready for my official “launch”. I am excited to see my product in peoples homes!

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