Enhance Your Space with These Felted Designs from Tocco Studio

There are many ways to enhance a space. From objects to stunning pieces of art, the fusion of art and design is an incredible way to showcase your style within the comforts of your home. Another way to add dimension to your space is with hand-knit and felted vessels from Tocco Studio. Created by Laura Berkowitz Gilbert, the collection features a variety of vessels (dishes, vases, plates, and more) that are dip-dyed and knitted. Read on to learn more about Tocco Studio and their product offerings below:

Felted Designs from Tocco Studio

How did you get into product design?

I trained as a graphic designer and have worked in the industry for over 20 years. The vast majority of that work is ephemeral (annual reports, packaging, brochures, invitations etc) or digital. Despite a rewarding career, I found myself wanting to create physical objects by hand, imbuing them with lasting value.

Tell us more about Tocco Studio.

Tocco Studio creates hand-knit felted vessels and objects. I launched the company in November, 2016. Tocco means “touch” in Italian. I love the tactile nature of felt: it softness, its feel in my hand and the malleability of its semi-sturdy structure.

The collection straddles the line between art and design and gives the collector flexibility in use of the product. While some may see the line as objects d’art, and display them alone or in a grouping, others may use them to showcase flowers, branches or collectibles. All vases come with an insert, making them suitable for fresh flower arrangements. The vessels have beautiful organic shapes, that from a distance, resemble ceramic objects.

Tocco Studio Felted Books

What made you decide to combine vessels with knitting?

Many years ago, I saw a simple felted bowl, and was amazed that such a soft, floppy knitted fiber could be transformed into a dense semi-sturdy vessel. After making my first felted bowl, I experienced the transformation of a loosely knitted wool object into a dense structure of interlocking fibers. I was hooked! As I experimented with shapes and colors, pushing the boundaries of the media, I became inspired to share the collection.

Tocco Studio Felted CupsHow do you come up with the concepts for your vessels and color combos?

As any creative knows, inspiration can strike at any time. The key is exposure to my surroundings and paying attention, whether in museums, traveling, or walks in the woods or by the water. Sometimes it can be as mundane as noticing the light hitting a lichen-covered tree while walking my dog.

Lately, I've been experimenting with indigo. The transformation during the dyeing process is just as exciting as felting. You may not know that when an object is initially taken out of the dye vat, it is lime green! As the dye oxidizes in the air it begins to turn the beautiful color associated with indigo.

For more information, check out Laura's blog post about the process.

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