View a Rowayton, Connecticut Beach House Designed by Jennifer Mehditash

Stunning beach house in Rowayton

Tell us more about the stunning beach house you recently completed.

This house is the perfect summer retreat from the city for this amazing young family with two young children. They love having this space where their children can play, host summer gatherings and welcome their loved ones from out of town all year round.

There is a converted “man cave” from the dining room space, an open floor plan kitchen/living room area that leads off into a TV room.

The second floor has two children's rooms, a guest room and a master suite. The third floor is the kids playroom and an additional guest bedroom space with bunk beds.

Dream space RowaytonHow did you work with your clients to create their dream spaces?

It was the perfect blank slate when we began our project with white walls and oak floors but because this was being used as second home with no need for a formal dining room and more importantly, they need plenty of family living spaces for everyone to have a place to sit and relax that was our first approach to this space.

We enclosed the room that became the family TV room by closing off the wall from the entrance – this allowed us to use the full length of the room for shelving, and a larger TV – it also made it less of a walkthrough passage way and more of a cozy space for the family to enjoy.

The clients also agreed to forgo the formal dining room altogether which gave way to the perfect “Man Cave” for the men of the house to have their own space, directly connected to the bar, with a large games table, sectional and barn door to close it all off when needed.

This family didn’t need that second dining area as they mostly ate at the kitchen table or outside, so why give away so much “real estate” to a room that would never be used?

I love working with clients that trust me and are willing to take that leap of faith during the process – that’s when the magic happens. The master bedroom and en suite bath allowed us to play with color and work with decorative painters to create this custom ombre pained wall.

We didn’t need to redo the bathroom with the white stone and open feeling, at all but we just wanted it to feel special. We added a bunk bed guest room on the third floor, with another play room/TV room with its very own ball pit! Even when the sun isn’t shining outside, this house had the perfect amount of space for the kids to have fun and be kids inside and out, all year round.

Tell us more about the products/brands featured in the rooms.

The house features numerous brands and custom pieces, such as Vintage pieces of furniture that we purchased at fairs and at local stores as well as brands that I love such as Kravet, Lillian August in Norwalk, Brimfield Kitchen, DedarPindler, Philip Jeffries, Holly Hunt fabrics, Pottery Barn, Schumacher Consoles, and more.

Rowayton Home

How do you decide on what products/brands to use in the homes you design?

I attend all the trade shows every year and work very closely with my local reps to stock up my library on a regular basis. I spend a lot of time curating and editing my samples and materials/brands that I work with to ensure that I give my clients the absolute best selection.

That’s the added value that working with a designer like myself can bring to a project. It is having those selections and access to the latest and greatest from all the brands near or far. We spend days.. hours.. going through each new collection and making sure we know what has gone behind the making of the items we present to our clients. When the options are endless, and time is not, we are there to ensure our clients get unique and high quality products always!

Rowayton homeWhat makes a space a home to you?

Our work is so very unique and specific to each family we work with – no two spaces are the same. We most certainly do not want to impose our own personal style onto our projects but allow our clients to shine in their home.

We believe a truly successful design project is when the space feels as though it has evolved over time, with special one of kind details throughout that almost appear once you are in the space and enjoying it.

It is a privilege to get to work with so many different families and clients each with their own story to tell and help them achieve their dream home!

What's next for you?

We just completed another home in the town of Rowayton, Connecticut and a gorgeous apartment in the much desired new building at 70 Vestry. We also finished the fabulous custom built Balboa Cottage at the newly opened Lido House Hotel in Newport beach and are working on homes across Southern California and Hawaii with new projects in Connecticut coming up soon!

We love working in Connecticut, which truly is our home away from home and jump at the chance to work on projects in Connecticut and New York every chance we get!

Discover more about Jennifer Mehditash by checking out her work at Mehditash Design.

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