Emerging Design Trends from CASACOR Miami

Casacor Miami Trends

1. Designing for Wellness and Energy Balance

Ines Martin Design stated, "The rise of wellness is taking on new meanings in design, particularly in the bath. Miami-based designer Ines Martins sought to promote energy balance by using the elements of Metal, Water, Fire, Earth and Wood strategically within the bath. A striking KOHLER Veil Freestanding Tub creates the ultimate zen soaking experience." 

Vision and aesthetic. “My inspiration was based on curating a room that would inspire the client to connect with themselves more deeply through meditation. The bathroom and closet are the most private areas and with the fast pace lifestyles that we all live these days; there’s sometimes unknown to us an earnest desire to pause, reflect and connect with our inner selves at a deeper level. Being surrounded by an environment that is both peaceful and grounding, not only benefits our physical bodies but also our mind, and that was my intention illustrated by the use plants and lots of wood elements in the most private areas of the home - Bathroom & Closet.”

Elements and materials. “I used all the elements in the space creating an energy balance: Metal, Water, Fire, Earth and lots of Wood for grounding, metal in furniture, water symbolized with the bathtub, Fire represented by the light and candles, Earth on the Dekton Kelya vanity top, wallpaper and plants, wood on the wooden panels that cover all the walls. The pieces we used from Kohler included the Veil Freestanding Tub, Purist Faucet, and Components Vanity Faucet. The bath tub itself is a piece of art that activates the creativity and emotions of the client, with a free stand faucet that gives a feeling of edgy, careless and luxury to the space. “

Color palette. “The colors were chosen to sooth and to create a relaxing experience in the space. Neutral to the eye, and calming to mind. Brown, taupe, light grey, black - all the Kohler faucets were in matte black. To me dark colors are considered sleek and cozy.”

Casacor Miami Home

2. Reinventing the Kitchen Island

Tatiana Moriera stated, "In the Urban Gourmet Oasis, Brazilian designer Tatiana Moeira reinvented the traditional kitchen island with a custom workbench-inspired island from ultra-durable Dekton Kelya. She envisioned a sleek and gathering spot that doubles as a utilitarian workhorse, integrating a KOHLER Purist Semi-Pro kitchen faucet in matte black to play off the dark, moody color palette, a cooktop, and recessed pots to keep fresh herbs at the ready."

Involvement. “This is my second year with CASACOR. I'm Brazilian and it's a huge event back in Brazil, it’s the best interior design showcase there is, so for me as an interior designer, of course I wanted to be a part of it.”

Theme. “The theme of CASACOR this year is urban oasis, and since I decided to do a kitchen it’s all about food and one of the pleasures of life is eating. When you think about an urban gourmet oasis you think about the good things in life. Eating and drinking as pleasures are the main inspiration.”

Intention and focus. “It’s a gathering space for more than one person. It’s a happy place for multiple people to enjoy. We used the Kohler faucet, which is a super important item to connect with the island in the kitchen. The focus point of the kitchen is the island, and the focus point of the island is the faucet. I wanted something architectural and black, and with this faucet you have a lot of movement and it is adjustable - there’s more than one way to use the water, making it beautiful and functional. Kohler is a great company that creates pieces that are very beautiful and functional. The logo of my firm is “Beauty with a Purpose” - it has a purpose, and you get good use out of the product.”

Making a statement. “The fact that the faucet is a big, statement item which pushes the design envelope - the island is huge and the proportion of the faucet went extremely well. It’s very cutting-edge. The color, the finish and the personality of the faucet are all were exactly what we see the island being.”

3. Sculptural Tubs: A Must-Have in the Luxurious Modern Day Boudoir

In this master suite designed by Robert Zeminickis of Roye Design, two distinctive bathing experiences take center stage. More frequently, sculptural freestanding baths like the striking KOHLER Veil Freestanding Tub are breaking free from the bathroom proper and doubling as a piece of art in the bedroom. The bathroom embodies the growing popularity of the open space approach, where a grooming zone flows seamlessly into an expansive wet room equipped with two showerheads, a handshower, and two KOHLER Real Rain panels, offering a most luxurious bathing experience.

Casacor Miami

4. The Interplay of Texture and Contrast 

Jesus Pacheco stated, "Here, the juxtaposition between wood and stone looks takes a modern twist. While others may turn to wallpaper to add visual texture, Mosoco clad the walls in Dekton Kairos, which adds a natural element to the space, and used Dekton Domoos as a contrasting element on the floor.

Design scheme. “We’re doing the “man cave” this year. A man cave has to be something masculine, but at the same time, we decided to show a repressed man coming from a very incisive environment - religion, family and society - finding his liberty. Coming from a dark repressed black to a white released feeling.

“This is a living room conceived for a man, where he can have his privacy and enjoy some time with himself and by himself. We envisioned a comfy sofa if he decided to have guests over, a space for a home office and a modern armchair. We feel that the contrast between the coldness of the marble and the warmth of the wood is a perfect fit for this room, showing different texture and colors to be appreciated in a quite quality time of a private room.”

Color and texture. “We needed to come from the dark to a light color. So Dekton Domoos and Dekton Kairos by Cosentino were a perfect fit for our needs. The quality finish of these materials outstands our work, making it even better than we’ve envisioned. The elegant coldness and durability of stones such as Cosentino makes not only a perfect impression, but immortalizes the project as one! Cosentino was actually our primary material when we visualize our room being a Man Cave. There was no doubt its finish and texture was a must for the project.

“Textures are an important matter, specially in a masculine project. Colors are to be determined when the first meeting with a clients is done. Details make total difference and outstands the project giving direction and life to it.”

Casacor Miami Hallway

5. Reflectivity and Geometry

"This hallway is a lesson in reflectivity, where bold lighting and strong lines take on a new dimension in the floor. Getting involved. “I loved last year’s experience and was really excited by this year’s theme of designing for the senses. My space, the Senseful Room, strives to challenge all the senses and to push the limits of design.” Sandra Diaz

Casacor Miami HallwayDesign inspiration. “My space is futuristic, yet with a warm approach. I wanted to push boundaries without sacrificing comfort. I would describe the aesthetic as very clean, very modern, progressive, and architectonic. I created well-defined geometries but softened them with unique textures and a nature-inspired color palette. I found inspiration in rich greens and natural colors, alongside the duality between hard edges and soft, playful textures. I was also intrigued by the idea of designing for the senses and for the human body. The typical spaces we inhabit day to day have caused us to grow accustomed to stark angles and straight lines, but the human body is naturally curved. I was inspired to incorporate curves and circles in my vision for the space, and to explore how the interior architecture and overall design could better interact with human ergonomics while inspiring curiosity.

Intended audience. “I envision a young executive, of any gender, enjoying this lounge/entertainment space as a whimsical retreat right in their own home, where they can take a deep breath, relax, and stimulate their senses. I was looking for new materials that are not commonly used, and toyed with those materials in new and unexpected ways, all while maintaining an emphasis on a challenging yet playful sensory experience.”

6. Using Dark Colors

Material and color. “I used Cosentino’s Dekton Spectra. The deep black color and crystalline shine go perfectly with my design intent for the Senseful Room. It complements my color palette, and the shiny finish reflects my lighting plan, adding depth and drama to the space, creating an illusion of the space “going beyond” the limits of the floor surface. It’s a spectacular material known for its strength and durability, and its large format size, strength, and man-made origins make it an ideal material to work with. The color rendition is perfect – a dark, pure black color. It looks like glass, with color rendition as pure as that of glass, but with its own unique and dynamic features that lend my space a striking sense of otherworldly depth.”

“The large-scale format, pure color rendition, and illusion of depth collaborate with the literal reflection of light from the ceiling, multiplying the space and perfectly capturing my design intent to challenge the senses and push the envelope.”

Casacor Miami Garden

7. Functional Sculptures in Outdoor Spaces

This outdoor oasis designed by internationally renowned design house Pininfarina in partnership with Cosentino quickly became the gathering spot for visitors. Speedforms in the Garden not only illustrates the progression from the natural to the modern and engineered, but the influence of functional sculptures in outdoor spaces. Here, nine different pieces -- from sculptural forms crafted from Macael Marble to benches and an aerodynamic bar made from stacked slabs of ultra-compact Dekton helped guests find a reprieve from the buzz of Miami. “Speedforms in the Garden” plays with the opposing forces of nature and technology and blends craftsmanship and engineering in both the design and the materials of production.”

“The Pininfarina sculptures are made from Spanish white Macael marble. They evoke a sense of freedom, growth, and the simple beauty of that which has been fashioned by nature. This is also expressed in the natural marble, manifesting itself spontaneously depending on the cut and shape it is given.” “Both the design and the materials used move from the natural to the engineered seamlessly.”

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