5 Ways Designers Can Shake Up Their Social Media Strategy

Pulp Design Studios Social Media

The duo from Pulp Design Studios is known for their on-blast social media presence where they showcase their adventurous spirit, gorgeous interiors, and product designs. Here, Carolina Gentry and Beth Dotolo share their five best tips for shaking up your social media strategy so it has a bigger impact. Read on for more:

1. Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

It’s much more engaging – and authentic – to show your personality on social media. It connects better with your audience! Our brand is hip, forward thinking, adventurous, and has a flair for the unexpected. And we like to have fun – so we show that in our posts and videos, too.

2. Remember G and A

That’s Goal and Audience. You need to know what your goal is for a successful social media strategy. Do you want more clients? Are you trying to attract attention from media or potential partners? Do you want to just gain followers? Are you selling something to the trade? You want to be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish, and who you’re speaking to with your posts.

3. Make It a Must-Read

Any posts on social media have to be eye-catching and engaging – or why bother? People want great content, so we try to give them something fun with good information. We’ll include recipes, cocktail ideas, behind-the-scenes, before-and-afters, and how-to’s – anything to snag their attention, but still give them some news they can use.

4. Editorial Calendar

There is no way to juggle all of the social media channels, a blog, newsletters, and our actual day jobs without an editorial calendar. We’re also now working in three offices – Seattle, Dallas, and Los Angeles – so having a shared editorial calendar keeps us up to date on the content we plan to post. We’re all able to contribute photos and videos because we know what posts are coming up. It helps us stay on task and still offer great content.

5. Visual Vibes

The most important thing we’ve done is keep a focus on visual content – fantastic photography and videos. Visual content is so much more engaging, and it also allows us to showcase our personalities. We always tell people to forget about being self-conscious and just let your audience see who you are. So many people come up to us and tell us they know us because of our videos. There’s just nothing better for adding that “wow factor” to your social media.

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