Sunny Delight

A Scarsdale bathroom gets a classic update with a twist

Looking at this fresh and elegant Scarsdale bathroom
, it’s hard
to imagine the former space, which New York-based interior designer Young Huh said was “very small and dated.” In fact, the whole thing fit into the current master bedroom closet and had a low ceiling, thick tile, fussy fixtures, plus a dearth of natural light. The clients, Lissa and Marc Kutik, “hated it,” says Huh.

The couple wanted the bath to be modern, but also to work with the rest of the house, a 1920s Dutch Colonial in a historic section of town. Architect Chris Kannel of Richard Henry Behr Architect gave her the basic structure, and Huh adorned the space to fit the bill.

The new bath, with its high, vaulted ceilings, and modern amenities like heated floors, towel warmers, and double vanity sink, fits perfectly. 
An Urban Archaeology console that serves as a vanity was modified to fit two oval porcelain sinks, and routed to give the edge a tray detail typical of 1920s vanities. French hand-glazed subway tiles on the walls, a custom-made floor mosaic from Italy, and minimalist fixtures by Lefroy Brooks all add to the room’s clean and classic look. But according to Huh, the best new asset is sunlight—let in by four windows where the original bathroom had only one.

During the planning stage, homeowner Lissa had one interesting request. She asked Huh to make the bath look new but to add something “rotten.” “I interpreted ‘rotten’ to mean humble and real,” says Huh. “It was important that the bathroom never felt over-the-top glam. Lissa should feel right walking into it in a ball gown or an old college sweatshirt.” The designer incorporated into the design a piece of an old, ornately carved door from a Chinese manor house (something Lissa had picked up while traveling in Asia) to fulfill her request. She also added a reproduction “antique” wooden chandelier to balance out all the shiny fixtures. In our opinion, it’s a perfect fit.

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