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Our IDA winners have been announced! Discover who our judges picked for best in Landscape!

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left: Opposites Attract In an amusing play of contrasts, the hard edge of a granite path appears to dissolve into irregular tufts of silky moss. clockwise from middle left: Deeper Meanings Plantings were chosen for texture and kept within a quiet palette of greens and grays: Anemone Berkshire Charm blooms in the foreground. Ben Young achieves a feeling of timelessness with a planting of ancient Hinoki cypress trees, which form a soft scrim behind the yew hedge. Trimmed boxwood is massed along the hillside. A grass path leads to the front door past trimmed Japanese Holly crescents: Called “The Embrace,” the forms suggest the idea of embracing life. Stately cryptomeria along the pool by Wagner Pools in Darien impart “the weight of time,” according to Young. photographs by ben young


Innovator 3

An imaginative design blurs the lines between landscape and architecture

Ben Young’s take on gardens is anything but typical, and such is the case on this Greenwich hillside. The owners desired a retreat from the city, but with none of the blandness or normalcy that sometimes characterizes suburban plots. That being said, the clients’ deeper wish was for a “garden of memory that reinforces the beauty of life as a gift.” Landscape designer Ben Young managed to achieve both of these desires with a lyrical study in granite and evergreens.

The entire property is less than an acre, so every square foot counts. According to Young, it is not so much a landscape planned on paper as a garden that unfolds as you experience the hilly terrain. “A garden lives and breathes,” says Young, “and it all takes time.” Developed over three years, the nursery stock was brought in and staged, in phases, on-site. Today, massed undulating topiaried shrubs are trimmed, block-like elements that emerge in the landscape almost like bones beneath the skin.

Although native to Massachusetts, Young has lived in Idaho for more than a dozen years. Clients brought him to New York, where he connected with the architect of this project. The landscape was planned in concert with the house. “A good part of the success was the client,” says Young. “I was always pushed to do something different.” This quiet landscape is tribute to that sensitive collaboration.

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