Today’s trend in kitchens is going against the grain

All-white kitchens may never be a thing of the past, but lately we are seeing a shift in kitchen design. Stainless appliances are being wrapped in elegant wood in a range of colors as homeowners personalize the heart of the home to match the way they live

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photographs by neil landino jr.

French farmhouse meets coastal Connecticut

In this waterfront home in Rowayton, the challenge was to integrate the kitchen into a large open floor plan—giving it definition without walls. The natural stone seen in French country farmhouses inspired the use of granite rather than stucco (used elsewhere in the home), which was designed and built by Andy Glazer of Glazer Group. “The stone walls are very traditional,” notes Glazer, “and offer a hearty background for the cabinets and appliances.”

Teak, a strong wood with a nautical feel, was selected for the base cabinets and island. “Using teak gives the kitchen a more timeless feel,” says Glazer. “It adds a certain richness.”

Above the counters, shelving was created by inserting teak boards into the stone. “The homeowner was comfortable displaying open shelves similar to those in a chef’s kitchen,” Glazer explains. “She cooks a lot and is not fussy about her space.” Strip halogen lights were routed into the underside of each shelf to provide down-lighting to the shelf below. “We decided to light them to give the items on the shelf and the stone a softer look.”

A walk-in pantry and a set of wall cabinets were added. “After agreement on open shelves, I knew that we needed more storage for pots, etc. I created a closet that acts as a separation when you come through the door,” notes Glazer. “Opaque glass helps hide pots, pans and other items.”

Re-purposed wood reinforces the rustic feel and brings a sense of place to this new home. “The wood beams are from a barn in Wisconsin,” says Glazer. “And the boarding on the ceiling is from the old Maples Inn in New Canaan.”

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